Welcome to the Golden Triangle Hombrewer's Club

Welcome to the Golden Triangle Hombrewer's Club


This club is a mix of all aspects of homebrewing. We make all styles of beers, extract to all-grain, session beers to extreme high alcohol "Monster"

beers. Some make wine, vinegar, meads and I have even heard some talk about making their own sauerkraut. Some just enjoy brewing beer to enjoy and share with friends, some enjoy brewing for competitions and some both. We enjoy making up our own brewing gadgets and we even have our own Black Smith who makes a nice system that can brew 15 gallons of beers at about 20% of what it would cost to buy online.


We get together on the 2nd Thursday of each month at different members homes for our monthly club meeting. At club meetings be sure to bring a beer sampling glass, because we all bring home brew or exotic commercial beers to share. Although if a Miller Lite is your taste that's okay too. We always have a grill going and all are encouraged to bring something to throw on the grill, or chips & dips, pretzels, home made bread, etc. We start showing up for meetings at about 6:30pm and the official club meeting starts between 7:00 & 7:30pm. We have elected officers who run the meeting and cover business, then back to Chillin & Grillin and most important we sample and drink Good Damn Beer and talk and discuss beer, beer styles, brewing and brewing techniques and what ever we choose. No place else in the whole Golden Triangle can home brewers get together sample others homebrew and enjoy the craft of brewing beer with people who have the same interest...



Every quarter we have a club Brew-In where many members bring their brewing equipment to the same location, or pair up with a member who can brew 10 or more gallons. Last National Home brewer's Day 2006, our Club brewed 116 gallons of beer in one day at the same location. We followed up the brew-In with our annual club / family party, with swimming, visiting and award winning BBQ. We also get together for trips to Houston to do Pub Crawls in search of more Good Damn Beer and of course we talk beer and have a great time. We make trips to Texas based Homebrew competitions and we try to attend the annual Great American Beer Festivals and the Renaissance Festivals as a club


So consider yourself invited to our next meeting, The Golden Triangle Home brewer's Club of Southeast Texas

Cheers, John